Sherwin DR-60 Cleaner/Remover 400ml, Aerosol

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DR-60 removes excess, nonwater-washable penetrants (DP-50) from part surfaces.
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DP-50 is water washable visible penetrant used to locate cracks, laps, pores, lack of bonding, and similar surface flaws. DP-50 can be used on nonporous parts including both ferrous and nonferrous metals, ceramics, and glass and some plastics. Referred to as the visible dye penetrant method or colour contrast method of inspection and can be used for weld inspection.

Special Features

  1. Brings flaws into sharper, clearer focus with more intense red colour.
  2. Performs more reliably over a greater range of temperatures.
  3. DP-50 meets stringent low sulfur and chloride requirements.
  4. Long lasting flaw mark indications; less fading.
  5. Water washable; easy to remove.

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Why's Sherwin so good?

Sherwin NDT products are market leaders in quality, performance and reliability – a bold statement, but backed up by over 26 critical manufacturer approvals, including Boeing, Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Lockheed-Martin and other OEMs. Together, NDT products provide a non-destructive method of inspecting materials, parts, assemblies, equipment, surfaces and structures often referred to as the visible dye penetrant method or colour contrast method of inspection. Also, it's water soluble. Remove excess penetrant with a simple water wash - no need for harsh and dangerous chemicals during inspection.

Used to find:

  • Cracks, lack of fusion and open cavities in welded parts
  • Cracks and cavities caused by metal fatigue and cutting operations
  • Check of porosity or leaks in pipes, tanks, boilers, heat exchangers
  • Discontinuities, laps, folds and cracks in castings, forgings and ceramics
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