GREASOMATIC Filled With PURITY FG2 Synthetic Grease

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The GREASOMATIC®96 auto greaser filled with PURITY FG2 Synthetic Grease lets you goodbye to manual lubrication and hello to improved longevity while enjoying cost savings – plus there's no batteries required for this automated lubrication system!
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Introducing the GREASOMATIC®96 Auto Greaser:

Experience seamless equipment maintenance with the GREASOMATIC®96, now powered by the exceptional PURITY FG2 Synthetic Grease. This automatic lubricator takes the hassle out of machinery care, consistently supplying the perfect amount of lubricant.

Advantages for Your Operations:

  • Time and Cost Savings: Automated greasing reduces labor costs and makes maintenance more efficient.
  • Health and Safety: Enhanced worker safety and reduced environmental impact.
  • Asset Reliability: Minimized downtime, extended equipment life, and decreased maintenance costs.

Unique Features of GREASOMATIC®96:

  • Chemical Expulsion Unit: Operates on an unvarying law of nature, ensuring a seamless flow of PURITY FG2 Synthetic Grease for optimal lubrication.
  • Hermetically Sealed: Prevents contamination, delivering unmatched reliability.

Pressure Relief Valve:

  • Additional Protection: Guards against potential issues like blocked grease ways.
  • Visual Warning: Provides a heads-up if anything goes amiss during operation.

PURITY FG2 Synthetic Grease:

  • Multi-use EP2 Grease: Ideal for a wide temperature range from a chilly -40° to a scorching 200°.
  • Superior Protection: Unparalleled defense against wear and corrosion in various applications.

Invest with Confidence:

Choose the GREASOMATIC®96 filled with PURITY FG2 Synthetic Grease for a lubrication process that’s smooth, efficient, and a downright joy. Revel in the perks of automated precision lubrication, enjoy enhanced equipment performance, and extend your machinery's life while simplifying your maintenance routine. Trust this dynamic duo to take your machinery care to a whole new level.