REFLO 68A Refrigeration Compressor Oil

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An ammonia refrigeration compressor fluid that is formulated to outperform solvent-refined paraffinic and naphthenic refrigerant oils.
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Size: 20L
Viscosity: 68
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Size: 205L
Viscosity: 68
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Looking for a Refrigeration Compressor Fluid? Choose REFLO 68A!

REFLO 68A is an ammonia refrigeration compressor fluid formulated to outperform solvent-refined paraffinic and naphthenic refrigerant oils. Using the HT purity process, Petro-Canada produces 99.9% pure base oils, among the purest in the world. These crystal-clear base oils are fortified with specialty-selected additives to create a refrigeration compressor fluid virtually free of impurities.

Key Features

  • Lower Oil Volatility:
  • Significantly less volatile than solvent-refined paraffinics or naphthenics at high temperatures.
  • May result in reduced oil carry-over and lower fluid consumption with proper change-out procedures.
  • Reduces sludging and deposit formation in evaporators, lowering maintenance costs.

  • Lower Solubility in Ammonia:

  • Less soluble in ammonia refrigerant than solvent-refined paraffinics and naphthenics.
  • Reduces foaming in separator tanks, increasing system efficiency.
  • Lower concentrations of ammonia in the fluid maintain viscosity, lubricating better and reducing wear.
  • Reduces the potential for fluid to block piping, valves, and filters.

  • Excellent Thermal and Oxidative Stability:

  • Guards against oil thickening, deposits, and sludge formation.
  • Extends fluid life, even in the presence of impurities in ammonia refrigerant, saving on downtime and change-out costs.


REFLO 68A is formulated to lubricate ammonia refrigeration compressors in: - Large commercial operations (cold stores, food processing plants, marine systems, ice arenas). - Manufacturing industries requiring low-temperature control (pharmaceuticals, microelectronics). - Ammonia refrigeration systems with evaporator temperatures greater than -39°C (-38°F).

Compatibility and OEM Approval

  • Compatible with most paraffinic mineral oils.
  • Full benefits realized with a complete fluid change-out.
  • OEM Approved: Bitzer, Frigoscandia, Grasso, Howden, Huppman, Sullair, Vilter, Mayekawa/Mycom (Screw Compressors).


  • REFLO products not recommended for top-up on pre-existing refrigeration compressor fluids with different chemistries.
  • Follow OEM's seal recommendation for hydrotreated paraffinic oil.

Food Industry Approval

  • MPI New Zealand Approved.
  • NSF H2 registered.
  • Acceptable for use in food processing facilities in New Zealand where there is no possibility of food contact.

Additional Performance Benefits

  • High viscosity index ensures proper lubrication and protection from wear over a wide range of operating temperatures.
  • High flashpoint ensures safe operation at elevated temperatures.

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