PURITY FG2 Synthetic Grease

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A top performing multi-use EP2 grease with a wide temperature range of -40° to 200°. Compatible with CRC Food Grade Extreme Duty Grease.
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PURITY FG2 Synthetic

PURITY FG2 Synthetic is a highly versatile, top-performing food-safe grease, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

As a food-grade multi-purpose high-temperature grease, it can be used across various food processing applications, including freezers, high-temperature ovens, multi-service bearings, canning, bottling equipment, and mixers. It excels in food plant applications operating under heavy loads and extreme temperature conditions, including low-temperature applications like blast freezers.

With a calcium sulfonate complex base, it's compatible with CRC Food Grade Extreme Duty Grease and other calcium sulfate-based greases. In fact, it's so effective that even if you've been using an aluminum complex-based grease, it's often recommended to perform a purge and switch to PURITY™ FG Synthetic.

This versatile grease allows most customers to consolidate product lines and use PURITY™ FG Synthetic throughout the plant.

Superior Performance Benefits

  • Higher load carrying capability and excellent protection against wear
  • Excellent extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear (AW) performance
  • Protects gears, bearings, and equipment under higher loads
  • Helps prevent seizure, scuffing, and spalling
  • Strong resistance to lubricant breakdown and water washout in harsh operating environments
  • Maintains consistency and lubrication in the presence of water, food acids, juices, and by-products
  • Does not run from bearings under steam cleaning
  • Highly resistant to water washout and most sterilizing chemicals used in cleaning
  • Effective across a wide range of temperature extremes
  • Normal operating range from: -40°C/-40°F to 200°C/392°F
  • Purity FG2 Synthetic is pumpable down to -35°C/-31°F
  • Can be used intermittently as high as 250°C (482°F)
  • Ideal for heavily loaded bearings operating under wide temperature swings


PURITY FG2 Synthetic is recommended as a multipurpose lubricant across all food processing applications, including freezers, high-temperature ovens, multi-service bearings, canning, bottling equipment, and mixers. It is especially effective in food plant applications running under heavy loads or subject to high and low temperature extremes.

Purity FG2 Synthetic is particularly recommended for use in low-temperature applications.

More Performance Advantages

  • Excellent oxidation resistance extends grease life
  • Performance life is typically increased by up to 2 times that of regular mineral oil-based grease
  • Highly effective protection against rust and corrosion
  • Prolongs component life and guards against unplanned downtime

Food Grade Approved

Fully registered for use in and around food processing operations:

  • MPI New Zealand Approved
  • H1 registered by NSF
  • All components comply with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 Lubricants with incidental food contact
  • Certified Kosher Pareve
  • Certified Halal
  • Zinc Free
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