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Check out our range of consumables sourced specially for NZ engineers! We've got a huge range of abrasives, including cutting discs, flap discs, sticky or velcro sanding discs, through to linishing belts. There's also cutting tools, machinery, polishing, safety...everything you need right down to general gear like cleaning rags!



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    ELITE Thin Cutting 901
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    Flat | Sizes: 100 - 230mm
    *BEST SELLER* designed for speed and your budget. For use on all steels.
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    Deerfos Bora9 Ceramic Fibre disc
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    Grits: P36-P120 | Sizes: 100-180mm
    *BEST SELLER* 100% ceramic grain, behaves cool, however extreme the test is!
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    CRAFTSMAN Safety Glasses 505
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    Shades: Clear/Amber/Smoke
    *BEST SELLER* Designed for the Kiwi engineer - perfect eye cover for every face.
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    CRAFTSMAN Cut Resistant Glove 325
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    Sizes: M - 2XL
    Cut 5 resistance for sheet metal work, general maintenance, metal fabrication, precise tasks & machine tooling.
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    ELITE Twist Knot Cup Brush 608
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    Sizes: 75-125mm | Stainless Steel/Steel
    *BEST SELLER* Durable tempered wire for operator safety, aggressive action & removal.
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    ELITE+ Grinding 937
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    Sizes: 115-230mm
    Platinum range with the longest life and non-glazing constant removal rate. INOX.


QUICKSTOCK™ is Euromarc’s vendor managed inventory (VMI) system. Simply put, it’s like having your own personalised mini supply store right there on site, so you never run out of the consumables you regularly use.


It’s similar to consignment stock, but different in that the entire system is managed for you – it’s set up to take the hassle out of inventory management, saving you time and money, while increasing production.


QUICKSCAN is Euromarc's customer managed inventory solution utilising barcode scanning technology from the convenience of your mobile phone.


Whether you use Kanban, min/max, or some other method to keep track of how much product needs ordering, QUICKSCAN makes it quick and easy to scan and order what you need.

Abrasives, Brushware, General, Machinery, Polishing and Safety

Euromarc's here to provide you with quality products, great prices, excellent customer service, inventory management solutions, overnight delivery….anything the kiwi engineer could want! Our consumables are sourced specially for NZ engineers, including a huge range of abrasives such as cutting discs, flap discs, sticky or velcro sanding discs, through to linishing belts. There's also cutting tools, machinery, metal polishing, work safety gear (PPE)...everything you need!