QUICKSCAN is Euromarc's customer managed inventory solution utilising barcode scanning technology from the convenience of your mobile phone.


Whether you use Kanban, min/max, or some other method to keep track of how much product needs ordering, QUICKSCAN makes it quick and easy to scan and order what you need.


We're all busy. Too busy to spend time doing unnecessary tasks, or for things to take longer than they need to.


QUICKSCAN was developed to make ordering quicker and easier, saving you time and money:

  • Orders can be placed right there in the storeroom - this really speeds things up - just scan, add quantities, and submit your order!
  • Helps make lean processes leaner - easily keep on top of Kanban, min/max ordering or other lean processes.
  • No more double handling - orders can be made by the person managing the stock, right then and there. No need to hand it off to office staff to process.



We'll help you get set up with bin boxes and barcodes for your shelves.


Work out your min/max or Kanban quantities for each product (we're happy to assist if you need it)


Simply use your phone to scan, enter quantities, and place your order - too easy!



How do we get set up?

Easy - just get in touch and we can help from start to finish!

Do we need to download an app?

No, but for convenience you may like to add our website to one of your home screens (click here to learn how). QUICKSCAN can be used off any smartphone that has internet access. Simply head to euromarc.co.nz , login, and tap the QUICKSCAN logo at the top of the screen.

Can any staff use it?

Anyone can use QUICKSCAN, but to be able to place an order through a trade account, their website login will need to be connected to your company account. 

How do we get the barcodes?

Easy! Just give us a call on 0800 278 600 or email sales@euromarc.co.nz and we can get them printed and sent to you.

Do we need bin boxes? A lot of product we keep in the boxes they come in...

No you don't have to use bin boxes, however it does help to keep the shelves tidy. In most instances you should be able to stick to how you've been merchandising the product. You'll just need to find the best place to keep the barcode for quick scanning.

What if there's no place to display barcodes on my shelves?

An alternative to displaying barcodes on the shelf could be to display them in a clearfile folder along with the min/max quantities. We'd recommend ordering the folder the same way the products are ordered on your shelves to make it easier as you're moving around checking product quantities.

How do I work out my min/max quantities?

Each company is different in how they work out the ideal quantities they want to hold in stock. If you're ordering consumables twice a month, we'd suggest the minimum being enough for 1 months worth, and the max being 2 months worth. This way if you do run low, you've got enough to keep going while an order is placed and delivered, but you're not having to hold excessive amounts.

We're more than happy to help with this - just give us a call.

Can we still use QUICKORDER?

Yes absolutely! QUICKORDER is always available to use, and you can even use both systems for the same order if that's what works for you. 



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Abrasives, Brushware, General, Machinery, Polishing and Safety

Euromarc's here to provide you with quality products, great prices, excellent customer service, inventory management solutions, overnight delivery….anything the kiwi engineer could want! Our consumables are sourced specially for NZ engineers, including a huge range of abrasives such as cutting discs, flap discs, sticky or velcro sanding discs, through to linishing belts. There's also cutting tools, machinery, metal polishing, work safety gear (PPE)...everything you need!