GREASOMATIC Filled With PURITY FG2 White Grease

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Upgrade your maintenance with the GREASOMATIC®96 auto greaser filled with PURITY FG2 White Grease! Say farewell to manual lubrication, welcome improved longevity, and enjoy cost savings – all in a single, advanced automated lubrication system. No batteries required.
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Introducing GREASOMATIC®96 with PURITY FG2 White Grease:

Step into the future of machinery care with the all-in-one solution – GREASOMATIC®96 auto greaser meticulously filled with the exceptional PURITY FG2 White Grease. This food-safe NLGI 2 grease is the powerhouse for a wide range of applications, offering stellar performance seamlessly within the GREASOMATIC®96 system.

Advantages for Your Operations:

  • Time and Cost Savings: The automated greasing of GREASOMATIC®96 reduces labor costs and streamlines maintenance.
  • Health and Safety: Enhanced worker safety and a reduced environmental impact come standard.
  • Asset Reliability: Experience minimized downtime, extended equipment life, and decreased maintenance costs.

Unique Features of GREASOMATIC®96 with PURITY FG2 White Grease:

  • Advanced Lubrication: The chemical expulsion unit ensures a seamless flow of PURITY FG2 White Grease, providing optimal lubrication.
  • Hermetically Sealed: Prevents contamination, ensuring unmatched reliability.

Pressure Relief Valve:

  • Additional Protection: Guards against potential issues like blocked grease ways.
  • Visual Warning: Provides a heads-up if anything goes amiss during operation.

PURITY FG2 White Grease Highlights:

  • Superior Resistance: Resists breakdown in harsh operating environments.
  • Consistency and Lubrication: Maintains performance in the presence of food acids, juices, and byproducts. Doesn't run from bearings during steam cleaning.
  • Water Resistance: Highly resistant to water washout, water jet spray, and sterilizing chemicals.
  • Temperature Range: Effective across a wide temperature range, preventing run-off near ovens. Pumpable at low temperatures.
  • Shock Loading Protection: Ideal for heavily loaded bearings operating under varying temperatures.
  • Corrosion Protection: Long-term equipment protection from rust and corrosion.

Non-Staining Performance:

  • Easy Identification: White, non-staining formula makes excess grease easy to spot, preventing contamination concerns.

Food Grade Approved:

  • Compliance: Fully approved for use in food processing areas, meeting the highest standards.
  • Certifications: MPI New Zealand Approved, H1 registered by NSF, produced in strict compliance with ISO 21469.
  • Safety: Components comply with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 "Lubricants with incidental food contact."
  • Acceptability: Suitable for use in food processing facilities in New Zealand.

Zinc-Free Formulation:

  • Versatility: Ensures compatibility with various applications.

Invest with Confidence:

Upgrade your machinery care to a new level with GREASOMATIC®96 auto greaser filled with PURITY FG2 White Grease – a seamless solution for enhanced equipment performance, extended machinery life, and simplified maintenance across diverse applications.