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NEW and exclusive to Euromarc - ELITE drills

NEW and exclusive to Euromarc - ELITE drills

Posted on Wednesday, 12 December 2018 by Gus Broomhall
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Experience an all new drilling sensation with our ELITE drill range. Exclusive to Euromarc, our range includes jobber drills, reduced shank drills, double ended stub drills, step drills and 3 flute countersinks. Find out more below:

Introducing Euromarc's ELITE Drill Range!

ELITE Jobber Drill 507 - Metric

  • Highest performance, extra wear due to the Gold Himolybdenum tool steel, and a special heat treatment, and black oxide finish to help hold the lubrication on the drill.
  • State of the art self-centering split point, which makes it easier to use - penetrate with less pressure into the steel. (DIN 1412C).
  • 130° point gives you clean and faster cutting.
  • Special cutting lip on fluting for fast removal.
  • 3 flats on shanks allow easy positive chuck grip.
  • 5-13mm (1-4.9 standard shank).
  • Drills suitable for all hand and machine, for Mild, Cast steels , Alu, and Stainless.
  • Packaging 1-8.4mm = 10pcs, 8.5-13mm = 5pcs.

ELITE Reduced Shank Drill 505

  • 135° point - gives you clean and fast cutting.
  • Self-centering split point, - stops wandering, and penetrate with less pressure into the steel.
  • Elite drills made of quality HSS-G for machine or hand drilling,
  • Milled flute, and bright finish, for a range of steels.
  • Designed to increase 13mm chuck capacity.
  • HSS-G DIN338
  • 26-30mm are only standard drill format.

ELITE Double End Stub Drill 503

  • 130º split point
  • 10 packs
  • HSS fully ground
  • Double ended
  • Great sizing for rivets
  • Made in EU

ELITE Cobalt Step Drill 521

  • HSS Cobalt.
  • 1200N/mm2
  • Cut up to 30mm.
  • Use on mild and stainless steel.
  • Drills and deburrs in one pass.
  • Self-starting split point.

ELITE 3 Flute Countersink 525

  • 90° angle, 3 flute countersink.
  • HSS - Cobalt for all metals.
  • 6.3- 40mm straight shank.
  • 43-50mm are Morse taper fitting.
  • 1200N/mm2
  • Made in EU

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