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Troubleshooting Auto Darkening Helmets - Common Problems & Remedies

Troubleshooting Auto Darkening Helmets - Common Problems & Remedies

Posted on Wednesday, 28 August 2019 by Liam Henry
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Need some help troubleshooting your auto darkening welding helmet? You're in the right place! Below are some of the most common problems when getting to know your welding helmet, and remedies to fix them...

Getting Started

Auto darkening helmets are designed to protect your eyes, face and head from sparks, spatter and harmful radiation under normal welding conditions. The auto darkening filter (ADF) should automatically turn on when the helmet is picked up, and will change from a light state to a dark state when a welding arc is struck. It will return to a light state once the welding stops. Most auto darkening helmets will come fully assembled, however they must be adjusted to fit the user properly before use. You should also check the battery surfaces and contacts, and clean if required. Make sure the battery is in good condition and is installed correctly. Set the delay time, sensitivity and shade number specific to your welding application. Before welding make sure the ADF is set to welding/cutting mode, and not grind mode.

Common Problems & Remedies

Irregular Darkening/Dimming

  • Headband has been set unevenly and there is an uneven distance from the eyes to the filter lens - reset the headband to reduce the difference to the filter.

Auto Darkening filter does not darken or flickers

  • Front cover lens is dirty or damaged - change the cover lens
  • Sensors are dirty - clean the sensors surface
  • Welding current is too low - increase the sensitivity level
  • Battery - check the battery and verify it is in good condition and installed properly. Also check the battery surface and contacts. Clean if necessary.

Slow Response

  • Operating temperature is too low - do not use at temperatures below -5°C

Poor Vision

  • Front/inside cover lens and/or the filter is dirty - change the lens
  • Insufficient ambient light
  • Shade number is incorrectly set - reset the shade number
  • Check if removing the film on the front cover lens

Welding Helmet Slips

  • Headband is not properly adjusted - readjust the headband

If any of the above problems can not be corrected, you should stop using the helmet immediately and contact the supplier.

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