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Euromarc QuickStock Inventory Management

The heart of Euromarc’s value proposition is our ability to take the hassle out of stock supply, making it so quick, and so easy in ways that will save you time and money. 

Our QuickStock solutions take this one step further, by positioning a personalised Euromarc supply cabinet, or several cabinets right there, in your workshop.  This system is revolutionising the way engineers stock consumables, helping thousands of engineers drive productivity and cost savings.  But of course, all that really matters is what it can do for you.

Why QuickStock?

Because Quickstock gives you the best of both worlds. Stock on hand - when and where you need it, and it’s managed for you.

  • No more tracking down supervisors or storemen,
  • No more travelling to remote storerooms or handing out repetitive items. 
  • Engineers can grab what they need from the cabinet, and get back to the job within a matter of seconds. 

Although the product is easily accessible, workshops tend to find their usage drops as workers no longer feel the need to stockpile to save on trips to the storeroom.  Our monthly reporting allows you to track usage and costs, while all the inventory is ordered, delivered and stocked for you. 

Why Euromarc?

What truly sets us apart is our service to you.

Like everything, we make QuickStock so quick, so easy.  The products you use are stocked in a cabinet, right where you need them, and you’re only charged for what you use.  

We personalise the solution for your workshop, working with you to decide how many cabinets will be needed, where they’ll be placed, and what stock will go in them.

Each month, our stock replenishers will arrive at your workshop, record what stock has been used from the previous month, tidy and restock your cabinet.  We’ll use this information to order products for the following month. 

Why does it make sense for you and your business?

Let’s weigh the costs vs the benefits.

There is just a very small monthly admin cost per workshop.  There are no hidden fees, and no long-term commitments.

By choosing Euromarc to supply more of the consumables you’re already buying, you’ll receive a solution that helps you reduce consumption and spending, and the time and money you spend managing and dispersing that inventory, significantly reducing your total cost of ownership. 

At the end of the day, we’re confident you won’t find a more complete, cost effective stock supply solution on the market.  It’s all about adding value, earning more of your business, and driving growth through customer service. 


What other engineers have to say about QuickStock:

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