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Portable File Belt

Small belts for pipe or file sanding machines, all grits, and sizes can be custom made. More Info
Portable belts are available in zirconia and aloxide cloth.
All grits available, and other sizes can be custom made.

• File belt or pipe sanding
• Stainless steel 

Size 40 Grit 60 Grit  80 Grit  100 Grit  120 Grit  Pack/Carton Qty 
10x330mm LIBZ013304 LIBZ013306 LIBZ013308 N/A LIBZ013312 10
13x454mm LIBZ014504 LIBZ014506  LIBZ014508 LIBZ014510  LIBZ014512 10
13x533mm LIBZ015304 LIBZ015306 LIBZ015308 N/A  LIBZ015312 10
20x520mm LIBZ025204 LIBZ025206  LIBZ025208 LIBZ025210  N/A 10
25x610mm LIBZ026104 LIBZ026106 
N/A  LIBZ026112 10
30x533mm LIBZ035304 LIBZ035306  LIBZ035308  N/A  LIBZ035312  10
40x760mm LIBZ047604 LIBZ047606 LIBZ047608  N/A  LIBZ047612  10 

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