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ELITE Flap Wheel - Wooden Hub

Made of premium grain for a smooth and consistent removal, and finish,15-50mm wide More Info
Designed to give a uniform cut rate and consistent grain finish because of the correct balance of cloth and well set flaps.
For weld removal, deburring, blending to give a uniform grain finish.
Made of premium aluminium oxide fused to a resin core and wooden hub.

• Removal to a grain finish.
• Stainless steel
• Aluminium

Code      Size Grit RPM  Pack Qty
FWW1651560 165x15xW P60 7,000 10
FWW1651512 165x15xW  P120  7,000 10 
FWW1651518  165x15xW  P180  7,000  10 
FWW1652504  165x25xW  P40  7,000  10 
FWW1652506 165x25xW P60 7,000 10
FWW1652508 165x25xW P80 7,000 10 
FWW1652512  165x25xW P120  7,000  10
FWW1652518  165x25xW  P180  7,000  10 
FWW1652524  165x25xW  P240  7,000  10 
FWW1652532 165x25xW P320 7,000 10 
FWW1655040 165x50xW  P40  7,000 
FWW1655060  165x50xW   P60  7,000 
FWW1655080  165x50xW   P80  7,000 
FWW1655120  165x50xW   P120  7,000 
FWW1655180  165x50xW   P180  7,000 
FWW1655240  165x50xW   P240  7,000 
FWW1655320  165x50xW   P320  7,000 
FWW1655400 165x50xW   P400  7,000 

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