Euromarc's website is developed to make it quick and easy to find, select and order the products you need - check out the video below and download our website cheat cheet here.

If you purchase frequently we recommend adding your regularly ordered products to Quick Order (favourites list) to speed up the process even more.



How Quick Order Works

Once  you  sign  up  for  a  free  online  account  with  us you’ll  automatically  have  access  to  Quick  Ordering. Products you want to frequently purchase can be  stored on one page, so next time you go to order it will be as easy as:

1. Login to your Quick Order account
2. Add quantities next to the pre-populated products you want to order
3. Place your order

So no more having to search for the products every time you want to order.  Ordering has never been so easy! So what are we waiting for?


Create An Account/Login

If you’re not already signed up for an online account click here to sign up. It’s free, and if you’re signed in while ordering, the system will remember your billing/shipping details so you don’t have to fill them out every time!

Trade Customers

If you're a trade customer, and would like to apply for a credit account, you can download an application form and email it to us. 
To apply for a trade account click here

Add Products To Quick Order  

Watch the video tutorial below, or read our step-by-step guide: 

Step 1:

Find the products you want to add by using the Search Tool or navigating the Product Menu

Step 2: 

Click on the product, find your size, colour etc and press 'Add to Quick Order' just below the 'Add to Cart' button

Step 3: 

Your product will now be ready in your Quick Order system!  Add more products.

Abrasives, Brushware, General, Machinery, Polishing and Safety

Euromarc's here to provide you with quality products, great prices, excellent customer service, inventory management solutions, overnight delivery….anything the kiwi engineer could want! Our consumables are sourced specially for NZ engineers, including a huge range of abrasives such as cutting discs, flap discs, sticky or velcro sanding discs, through to linishing belts. There's also cutting tools, machinery, metal polishing, work safety gear (PPE)...everything you need!