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Frewza Boats say switching to TECMEN was a 'no-brainer'

Frewza Boats say switching to TECMEN was a 'no-brainer'

Posted on Tuesday, 12 November 2019 by Shane Carroll
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Frewza Boats, Invercargill - case study

'With the cost savings in both the unit itself, and the consumables, the decision is a bit of a no-brainer. '

We caught up with Brendon Frew (owner) and Reuben Haigh (engineering) from Frewza Boats about what they think of the TECMEN TM1000 Flip Front Helmet with FreFlow Respirator

Tell us a bit about Frewza Boats...

We're specialists in manufacturing excellent innovative and practical aluminum boats. Our ideas and designs are based on what real people want, need and can afford. They are designed and built to the highest standard, using high grade materials and excellent craftsmanship.

We also offer an extensive range of marine accessories - we're a one-stop shop for all boating requirements.

Brendon, what made you first purchase a Tecmen TM1000?

Well whenever we add a new engineer to the team, I like to make sure they're kitted out with a new helmet etc. Traditionally we've gone with Speedglas™, and we've never had any problems with them, so I was fascinated to see if the Tecmen really could compete considering the cost savings.

So we got one sent down for a trial, took it through all the paces, and we were actually really impressed. You see something cheaper, and expect the performance to be less, but the Tecmen - we couldn't fault it.

What were you most impressed with?

In terms of performance, one of the most important things is the vision - and it's excellent. We're also really impressed with how good the [respirator] filters are, and the battery life.

We really can't fault the Tecmen, so with the cost savings in both the unit itself, and the consumables, the decision is a bit of a no-brainer.

Would you recommend TECMEN to other engineering workshops?

Absolutely! We've got a few of them in the workshop now, and will continue to get them as new engineers come on board, and when old helmets need replacing. They perform well, the guys are happy, and I'm saving money - what more could you ask for?

Reuben, how would you compare the TM1000 to other welding helmets you've used?

I used to use a Millar PAPR unit, but I'm really enjoying the Tecmen. The vision is fantastic, and having the large peripheral view really makes a difference. I think my welding has definitely benefited from it.

Do you notice much difference in terms of the respirator?

The battery life is brilliant, and the way the air circulates makes it really comfortable to wear. I can go all day without having to think about it.

Would you recommend a TECMEN to other engineers looking to buy a welding helmet?

For sure. That extra vision really makes a huge difference, and being comfortable is a big thing too.

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