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TECMEN TM1000 Helmet & Freflow Respirator

Flip-up helmet & powered air-purifying respirator for the ultimate productivity, safety and comfort. More Info

TECMEN 1000 Helmet

• Smooth flip up function - spring loaded for easy flip-up function and parked position
• Large 200x120mm clear anti-fog grinding lens - now no need to take your helmet off when you aren't welding
• Shade 5 side windows - increase both safety and efficiency in your workplace with a 150º field of vision when welding
• High impact resistance - AS/NZS 1337.1 compliant
• Flame resistant face seal
• All-day comfort, adjustable headgear - 6 adjustable sections

Auto Darkening Lens

• 3 year auto darkening lens warranty
• Best optical class 1/1/1/1 lens 
- 1 optical class: no distortion  - 1 light diff vision: no double vision  - 1 homogeneity: no shade variation  - 1 angle dependence: shade remains consistent when looking at any angle
• True colour lens -bringing realistic colour to the welder's world. No more green environments with weak colour contrasts
• 107x75mm auto-darkening view + side windows

FreFlow Respirator

• Intelligent air supply - self-adjust airflow rate according to the blockage of the filter
• User friendly LED indicator display
- Filter status, warning lights to indicate and show how dirty the filter is Adjustable airflow - Low speed airflow 170 lpm - High speed airflow 210 lpm - Battery indicator fully charged shows 4 bars. 1 bar left indicates it is ready for recharge and a warning will start - One button to control power and airflow switch • Audio-visual and vibrating alarm - indicates when battery charge and/or filter replacement is required
• 2 year blower unit warranty
• Rechargeable Li-ion battery - 1 hour quick charge gives up to 9 hours of uninterrupted air-flow with the best warranty in the market (1 year)
• Flame retardant breathing hose
• Designed air outlet - to distribute the airflow to the breathing zone, and around the face to keep the user cooler and keeps air away from the eyes
• High level respirator protection, compliant to AS/NZS 1716:2012
• P3 main filter provides 99.97% particle protection

Trade Backpack

Comes with a large trade backpack to store and carry both the helmet and respirator unit, with extra storage compartment for spare lens and filters.

Code      Product Includes
TM1000 Helmet with airflow, Freflow Respirator unit, Rechargeable Battery, Air hose, Belt, Shoulder Straps, Air Meter, Battery Charger, 5x Outer Lens, 2x Inner Lens, Side Lens Covers, Trade Backpack.

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