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It's clear why Rivet made the big change to TECMEN

It's clear why Rivet made the big change to TECMEN

Posted on Tuesday, 25 June 2019 by Shane Carroll
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Rivet, New Plymouth - case study

'Now we can start and work right through the day comfortably with no problems'

We meet with Nana and Ganesh, two of the engineers at Rivet about what they think of the TECMEN TM1000 Flip Front Helmet with FreFlow Respirators

A bit about Rivet...

Rivet are specialists in design, manufacture and installation of stainless steel and sheetmetal fabrications, both heavy and light engineering including storage tanks, commercial and domestic benchtops and range hoods, electrical cabinets, handrails, platforms, architectural fabrications, structural steel and seismic strengthening....

But that's not all! Rivet also a specialise in laser, plasma and water jet profile cutting.

They have a number of workshops, including well equipped stainless steel dedicated fabrication workshops, a purpose built engineering workshop, and a light gauge duct and fabrication workshop. Rivet are leading the way in the provision of a complete service to the dairy, water treatment, food, home, petroleum, gas, oil and electrical industries New Zealand wide.

What were you using before you tried the Tecmen TM1000 + Respirator?

Before we got the Tecmen we used just traditional flip front helmets and standard auto darkening helmets.

What do you like about using the TM1000 + Respirator?

We love the big screen and full vision, and the flip up for grinding.

Being lightweight is a big point, because before we used to feel the pressure of the helmet on top of your head, but now we can start and work right through the day comfortably with no problems.

How do you find the battery life?

It's going well. We just charge the battery for 1 hour, and that's it until the next morning. It's good because we weld all day.

How do you find the airflow?

It's very good. We like how the cool air flows right around the helmet, over the face.

You said that it has improved your welding, how has it done this?

It's very clear. and having the big screen compared to the small one, we're able to see better, and see more of the work.

We see you use the shoulder straps, how do you find that?

It's very good in taking the weight of the blower unit so it doesn't pull down on the helmet.

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