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Patchell's show how health & safety is more than just being compliant

Patchell's show how health & safety is more than just being compliant

Patchell Industries, Rotorua - case study

'From a health & safety compliance perspective we would have no hesitation in recommending TECMEN...'

We catch up with to Amy Adler from the HR and Health & Safety Team at Patchell Industries on why they offer their engineers the option of TECMEN TM1000 Auto-Darkening Helmets with FreFlow Respirators .

Tell us a little bit about what you do at Patchell Industries...

Hi my name is Amy Adler and I’m part of the HR and Health & Safety Team for Patchell Group of companies. We have around 200 staff spread over 10 sites, and Patchell’s is the number 1 heavy transport trailer manufacturer in New Zealand.

Our main objective throughout all our companies is to provide, maintain and continually improve health and safety for the benefit of our employees.

What are some of the health and safety issues at Patchell's?

Part of our responsibility in health and safety is to provide the best personal protective equipment that can eliminate or minimise the risk of exposure to hazardous conditions. Exposure to harmful conditions is a huge health and safety concern. There is a risk to 70% of our employees, as welding and grinding are the main operating procedures in our workshops.

What were the workshop guys using before you tried the TECMEN?

Patchells welding 4We provided half-mask respirators, and each employee was professionally fit tested to ensure correct fit and maximum protection. These met our obligations for compliance by providing a 99.95% protection factor, however some employees found the masks to be uncomfortable, and having to shave daily to maintain the seal impractical. This created complacency, and they would not bother to put on the masks for quick jobs. They also would not shave, therefore decreasing the protection percentage. So we offered our employees the option of having air-fed welding helmets. Some opted to have the air-fed helmets in addition to their half-mask respirators.

From a H&S perspective, what do you like about the TECMEN?

We were satisfied with the TECMEN product. The helmet also provided protection against grinding and polishing emissions. The employees are also happy with the comfort level, fit, and the flip up option.

Have you noticed any improvements since the guys started using the TECMEN?

Our employees are happy to be using the helmets, the airflow allows for easier breathing in comparison to the half mask respirator, and they are pleased with the constant flow of fresh air, particularly during Summer.

Would you recommend a TECMEN to other workshops looking to improve their H&S?

As a group of companies our goal is to have our team go home happy, healthy and safe, and to do this we need to provide them with the best PPE gear available.

From a health & safety compliance perspective we would have no hesitation in recommending TECMEN to any business. It is fully compliant with Australian and New Zealand standards.

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