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Deerfos Bora9 Ceramic Fibre disc

Best Seller. 100% Ceramic grain, Behaves cool, however extreme the test is. More Info
New generation ceramic grain:
Experience the aggressive, cool cutting and long life caused by the sharp crystal shaped grain.

Specialised top coating:
New purple coating sanding discs reduces clogging, friction, and heat build up, maintaining the sharpness of the grain. The evenly applied top coating follows the shape of the grain, exposing the whole of the grain, rather than half of the grain being submerged like other standard top coats.

Superior backing:
This reduces the heat build-up generated in heavy grinding as it has a thicker fibre backing on coarser grits. (36-60)

Less disc changes = more grinding time:
Customers have observed that they have had four times the life from Bora9 opposed to standard fibre sanding discs.

Steel, stainless steel, aluminium

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Size P36 P60 P80 P120 Pack/Carton Qty 
100x16mm SFC9910003 SFC9110006 SFC9910008 SFC9910012 25/600
115x22mm SFC9911503 SFC9911506 SFC9911508 SFC9911512 25/600
125x22mm SFC9912503 SFC9912506 SFC9912508 SFC9912512 25/600
180x22mm SFC9918003 SFC9918006 SFC9918008 SFC9918012 25/600

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