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Taipan Buff-Tex Roll

Non-woven Rolls used on stainless steel for surface cleaning & blending. More Info
Non-woven roll for surface cleaning, buffing and scuffing.


• Standard worldwide general purpose
• Durable cutting and fast cutting


• Industrial scouring and cleaning
• Removed caked- corrosion on all metals


• Tougher fibres, specially designed for finishing and blending on stainless steel.
• Faster removal, with less pressure, and still a great finish.
• Extra heavy duty polyfibre with sharper grain for long life and faster cutting.
• Medium grade.
Code      Size Colour Grade Pack Qty
BTR150010F 150x10m Grey Very Fine 10
BTR1501096 150x10m Green IS Fine 10
BTR050010M 50x10m Maroon GP Fine 10
BTR100010M 100x10m Maroon GP Fine 10
BTR1501047 150x10m Maroon GP Fine 10
BTR1501046 150x10m Black  HD Medium 10

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